Marquee Letter Rental

You spell it, we light it up!

VIVA LAS VEGAS stacked - 3ft lettersMARRY ME - 3ft lettersWILD ONES stacked with daisy - 3ft letters1943 - 4ft numbersA&T - 3ft lettersCarousel imageFOR EVER stacked - 3ft lettersCarousel imageMR&MRS - 3ft lettersONE with ring - 3ft letters, THE - 1ft topper2026 star - 4ft numbersLOVE with red heart - 3ft lettersITS LIT stacked - 3ft lettersLOVE LED color changing bulbs - 3ft letters, MR&MR - 1.5ft topperHBD - 3ft lettersMR& MRS stacked - 3ft lettersSMITH - 3ft letters, BABY - 1.5ft topperDARE TO DREAM stacked with star - 3ft lettersASHRAE blue - 3ft letters26 pink - 4ft numbers16 - 4ft numbersCarousel imageLEAH heart multicolor - 3ft lettersCarousel image40 - 4ft numbers